Monday, February 24, 2020

New gTLDs for the Music: 2019 in Review

There are 9 genres of popular music according to Wikipedia and already two exist as a Top-Level Domain. Will there be seven more created in the next ICANN new gTLD Round? Anything can happen. From a list of 13 new gTLDs dedicated to music, here is what I noticed in 2019:
  • The two genres listed in Wikipedia are: .HIPHOP and .COUNTRY
  • When checking my 2019 list of new gTLDs, you will read about a coming .RAP (which is number 14 actually): yes...there is a .RAP new gTLD project ;-)
  • The .MUSIC new gTLD (still in contracting) was allocated in 2019 to DotMusic Limited (Constantinos Roussos) and should see the day in 2020. There were nine applicants in the beginning.
  • As of December 2019, one TLD had more than 500,000 domain name creations, it is the .LIVE new gTLD which ended the year with almost 700,000 registrations. This TLD doubled its creations since January 2019.
  • Number two from the list has 20,000 something registrations: the .PARTY new gTLD. This TLD had 94,000 something in January 2019...
  • Six domain name extensions had less registrations in December than in January: that is a bad sign.
  • I removed the .GROUP new gTLD from that list since .BAND is used most of the time for music.
  • Only for TLDs have more than 10,000 domains: .STREAM is one of them with 12,250 registrations. Note that it had 248,643 domains created in January so this TLD is not doing good at all.
  • I listed one single dotBrand new gTLD: the .AUDIBLE Top-Level Domain is a Trademark belonging to Amazon. It appears that the TLD has not launched yet, it has one domain name extension.
  • The front page of the .SONG new gTLD says: "Amazon Registry Services is excited to present .SONG — a new TLD" but this statement has been there for years now and the TLD sticks to one single domain name registration.
  • There is a .ROCKS new gTLD but it has nothing to do with Rock'n'Roll.
Music lovers have a wide range of "musical" domain name extensions available to play with but I am surprised that no music star has yet considered being unique on Internet. Round 2 maybe?

Read the full report here.

Coming: "New gTLDs for Photography AND new gTLDs for Catering: 2019 in Review"

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