Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Will it be .WEB or .WED ?

Well, it seems that it won't be .WED since the Notice of Registry Agreement Termination by ICANN is now written and the TLD is being terminated.

Yes, there is a .WEB on its way and it is a strong barrier to launching a .WED but it does not absolutely mean that a future launching  of the .WEB (probably by Verisign) could not be transformed as an advantage to develop .WED (previously, that TLD stood for "wedding").

My opinion on this

I can hardly believe that the people behind .WED did not make it to sell their TLD because when I emailed asking for a price I got an error in return ! The details were provided by ICANN (...)

When a TLD is failing, you don't make an offer, you ask for a price. These guys just let the full TLD project fail because they didn't know how to handle the situation. Note that this is a good lesson to learn: when "you don't know", please ask those who do because there always is a solution and a SWOT analysis is just one of them. And actually, THERE ARE BUYERS around.


Unknown said...

Agree with you, that's strange they did not try to sell it.
I see less potential than you with the TLD but crappy companies like Donuts are buying anything they can because all the fixed costs are amortized.

Jean Guillon said...

Well, I don't believe that Donuts is a crap company because whatever is said: the most that is read online is from ".com" domainers, often criticizing new gTLDs and I doubt they are representative of what "real" users can do of a new domain name. Donuts buys because more users want a domain name that is available and that matches with their business and new gTLDs...are the future : there won't be less users to buy domain names but more and more. When it comes to .WED, they're is a reason why no one acquired it and the possible arrival of .WEB must scare more than one registry operator (such as generic TLDs like .ONLINE or .SITE and .WEBSITE) but no one think to think differently so let's say that this TLD is a lost opportunity.

Unknown said...

Did I criticize NgTLD?
My point was that Donuts is a useless and nocive company aimed at making $$, whatever the means and with 0 ethics nor the slightest added value for consumers.

Jean Guillon said...

Donuts is the company offering a new range of TLDs, why is it useless if it matches with people's needs? What's the problem with making money? There has NEVER been ethics in the business of domain names, then why Registrars don't do the minimum on spam, porn, squatting, infringement and the rest? Because it means loosing clients. ICANN has been working on such issues since it started to exist and ICANN created this "ethic standard": it is called the multi stakeholder's model 🙂 When investing so much in a TLD, one has to transform such investment so yes, one has to make money.

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