Thursday, December 9, 2021

On .AFRICA Legal Representations & Costs

I thought the .AFRICA case was over but it seems not. This is an extract of how much it cost the opponent to complain...for fraud?

Extracted from complainant's latest publication entitled "Battle Continues, as Fraud Claims Can't be Buried!":
The cost of the legal fees for the past decade including the IRP and trail court efforts plus other legal consulting fees amount to nearly USD 2million. The most recent appeal cost by Dechert was an agreed fixed fee of USD 170,000.00 which was exponential compared to other similar firms. Even so, Dechert still wanted to renegotiate a fee hike for USD500,000, just before the oral argument, which DCA thought was unethical and did not pay. The trial cost with two bench trials was USD 1,000,000.00 plus. Everyone got paid for what they asked for, except DCA. This is without even considering the over USD 600,000.00 spent on project investment. So, there was no justice in DCA walking away with no relief.

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