Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Registries: where is the Holy Grail?

There are multiple registries I follow on LinkedIn and there is an hitoric one, Identity Digital (ex "Donuts"), I particularly like to check publications since their number one objective is to find ways to install their domain names and have clients to renew them. This is to me the Holy Grail every Registry is looking for and the job of Rachel Sterling, latest CMO at Identity Digital.

I read a lot of publications from Registrars, Registries and Backend Registries but as a Marketing guy, I also have my opinion on where this Holy Grail could be. I listed below standard and innovative methods to develop a Top-Level Domain focusing on meeting with adoption.

Traditional methods:

Registries, when they can afford it, essentially use the same methods:
  • The network of accredited Registrars (when Registrars want them as a TLD to sell),
  • Premium domain names
  • Press Release
  • Auto promotion in the online press
  • Give away for one year
  • Promotion at Registrars
  • There are probably other ways but I try to be fast in my publications.

New and innovative methods:

  1. I believe Registries can sell more and meet with adoption when they already have a network willing to buy "now" (and this information should be validated prior to creating the new gTLD application). It is precicsly what community TLDs try to achieve but numbers don't lie and - with experience - I believe this method would be much more efficient if community applications were just generic applications.
  2. Poiting the Registry DNS to a CMS (Content Management System).
    1. It is what the .TEL Registry attempted to do prior to the first Round of the ICANN new gTLD program in 2007. They succeeded and then failed. They were settlers but I was a serious fan of .TEL and kept using and renewing mine until Round 1 of new gTLDs in 2010. The .TEL was a directory solution which required to buy a domain name, use a second login and password to access its CMS, which then required to set up the directory: quite complex at the time but very innovative and exciting for the owner.
    2. It is what the .BEST Registry (participant in Round of new gTLDs) is achieving right now after acquiring the TLD from its initial owner. The domain name is then automatically set-up when downloading the APP onto your mobile: By the way, registrations are increasing in 2023.
  3. Using a .BRAND to offer a service using a CMS: the method here is quite simple, it requires to sell a service, not a domain name. If this method does not benefit from the network of accredited Registrars, it kills all other problems met by the .TEL Registry in 2007: one login and one password "only" and operating costs reduced. Want to check for an example?
Round 2 of new gTLDs could be announced as early as 2026. Thinking that submitting another application in the huge list of already existing TLDs will be a success - without a studied project - is naive. Jovenet Consulting will help you prepare your project.

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