Thursday, June 1, 2017

.FORUM in test with Google?

We like to speculate on new gTLDs, don't we? The .FORUM new gTLD is brought to market by Top Level Spectrum, the registry operator behind .forum, .realty, and a suite of industry-specific domains. It is what the front page of the Registry says.

Was it acquired by Google?
The reason why I publish this post is that ".forum" domain names are not yet available for registration and the list of Registrars, on the Registry's website, is empty.

The .FORUM new gTLD is, like .CONTACT or .EMAIL, an extension in which we believe, will be successful.

In Test
Two pages (different from the "nic") are indexed in Google:

  1. A Google page:
  2. And a redirection pointing to a page with no content:
The question is: why is the only proper indexed page on Google one belonging to Google?


Patrick Mevzek said...

The first name is related to this project: which is a tool to enhance support for universal acceptance of all domain names (IDNs, new gTLDs, etc…). There are a lot of domaintest.$TLD domain names for this purpose.

Jean Guillon said...

Thanks for this clarification. Any idea why it takes so long for this awaited new gTLD to launch?

.BRAND new gTLD Reports are updated once a month: CLICK HERE !