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New gTLDs related to Companies

We believe that registered Companies from medium to large sizes should have certain number of domain names registered (secured). This post reports on new domain name extension registration volumes related to Companies.

It took us time to select the TLDs concerned and it possible that we change the listing according to feedbacks received.

The extensions are listed according to what we would buy as a medium size company in order of preference:
  1. .GLOBAL : 22 009 domain name registrations
    It is new, it is nice and it is explicit. We have been following this extension from its launching.
  2. .EMAIL : 55 083
    All companies use email: a "must have". A very high risk not to have it.
  3. .COMPANY : 45 111
    The risk is high for a non-English speaking company to have this one squatted. A Company located in an English speaking country should definitely use one of these.
  4. .INTERNATIONAL : 19 390
    An International Company located in an English speaking country should definitely register its ".international" domain name: the appeal is the same as ".global".
  5. .PROMO : 1
    A company offers promotions, even in any industrial area: such a domain name is an opportunity to take potential buyers directly to the right content. 
  6. .CONTACT : 1
    A good webpage for all contacts: every company has a contact page.
  7. .EXPERT : 27 962
    If your company is not an expert in its field of 
  8. .SUPPORT : 16 595
    This TLD is a good page to have for a Content Management System related to providing support to customers. You wouldn't want another company to offer support to its clients using your name: would you?
  9. .FEEDBACK : 14 621
    Feedback is important to Corporations: this one could be a simple form to offer customers to report on products or services.
  10. .SOLUTIONS : 45 583
    Companies exist because the offer solutions before their website takes you to a product or a service: the word is often used as the Title of a page.
  11. .BUZZ : 9 901
    This extension is international, multilingual. It makes sense because it it fresh and attract the eye for any communication campaign. We like that one pretty much.
  12. .TEAM : 5 894
    Companies often introduce their teams and such extension offers an option to attract the eye on members of the company.
  13. .WEBSITE : 141 935
    The "website" sign is worldwide We didn't want to add .WEBSITE in th beginning but it is already 
  14. .SITE : 95 927
    We believe that ".site" is not as international as "website" but you wouldn't want to register a ".website" and take the risk to see a third party register the ".site".
  15. .WORLD : 28 360
    We have absolutely no idea why we added this extension to our list but we find it really cool and if it has not exactly the same meaning as ".international" (but close to it), it gives the idea that a company using such domain names has something to share with other members of the world.
  16. .COM : 124 073 198
    Would you launch the website of a company and take the risk not to secure its ".com"?
  17. .TEL : 116 265
    We've used this extension for a long time and like the standard format offered by the Registry: most of the time, they are basic and ugly but they are the same and make sense to publish the phone number of a company. It will be interesting to see if ".contact" new domain names take the advantage.
  18. .PRO : 174 124
    If you are an "expert", you are a "Pro" too. This extension is the diminutive of "professional": it is short and has been in use for many years already. We think it is a domain name extension that should be secured too.
We also considered .WORK - .BUSINESS - .SERVICES - .SALE - .ONLINE but did not add them in the end. The reason for this is that some of them make no sense for companies located abroad. If many of the extensions in our list are multilingual, ".sale" for example has a complete different meaning in French.

Next week, we shall publish the evolution of each extensions's registration volumes. We are happy if you comment.

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