Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Changes I noticed from DAGv5 to DAGv6 Application submission period
The application submission period is expected to last for 60 days. Administrative Completeness Check
ICANN will post the public portions of all applications considered complete and ready for evaluation within two weeks of the close of the application submission period. Comment Period
Comments received within a 60 day period from the posting of the application materials will be available to the evaluation panels performing the Initial Evaluation reviews.

Comments received after the 60 day period will be stored and available for other considerations, such as the dispute resolution process. GAG early warning
Concurrent with the 60 day comment period, ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) may issue a GAC Early Warning notice concerning an application. Objection filling
The objection filing period will open after ICANN posts the list of complete applications as described in subsection, and will last for approximately 7 months (INSTEAD OF 5 ½).

1.1.3 Lyfecycle timelines
Based on the estimates for each stage described in this section, the lifecycle for a straightforward application could be approximately 9 months (INSTEAD OF 8).

The lifecycle for a highly complex application could be much longer, such as 20 months (INSTEAD OF 19).

1.2.2 Required documents (Community endorsements)
Written endorsements from individuals need not be submitted with the application, but may be submitted in the application comment forum.

1.5.1 gTLD Evaluation fee
Refund available to applicant: 80% within 21 days of a GAC Early Warning: USD 148,000 can be recovered

Attachment to module 2 III 18 c IV
Will you impose any constraints on parked sites, or sites that offer only advertising?

Demonstration of Financial Capability (Question 45)
The financial statements should be for the legal entity listed as the applicant, not a partner or parent company. Notes to the financial statements and annual reports or equivalent will not be reviewed.


6 Trademark Claims
6.1.1 New gTLD Registry Operators must provide Trademark Claims services during an initial launch period for marks in the Trademark Clearinghouse. This launch period must occur for at least the first 60 days that registration is open for general registration.

8 Cost of Clearinghouse
Trademark holders will pay to register the Clearinghouse, and registries will pay for Trademark Claims and Sunrise services. Registrars and others who avail themselves of Clearinghouse services will pay the Clearinghouse directly.

URS - 9 Determination
9.6 To conduct URS proceedings on an expedited basis, examination should begin immediately upon the earlier of the expiration of a fourteen (14) day (INSTEAD OF 20) Response period, (or extended period if granted), or upon the submission of the Response. A Determination shall be rendered on an expedited basis, with the stated goal that it be rendered within three (3) business days from when Examination began.
Absent extraordinary circumstances, however, Determinations must be issued no later
than five (5) days after the Response is filed (INSTEAD of 14).

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