Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SITER : an interesting concept

I already use a .TEL domain name but checking ICANN’ silver sponsors, I found this new logo I had never heard of before and the tool it is promoting : SITER.

I registered my domain name (it is free).

The idea is to «make phone calls using a website address instead of a phone number”. I must admit the idea is good because, if I am not sure my friends remember, I am certain about one thing : is always very painful to have a service provider on the phone when he doesn’t publish a telephone number on his web site (or on the yellow pages).

Let’s take an example

I want to call SFR (my French mobile service provider), what do I do ?
  • I remember their phone number. Do you know your mobile service provider’s phone number ? I don’t. 
  • I go to the yellow pages and hit SFR for Paris ? Well just try it… 
  • I go on their web site so I enter “”, then I click on “contact”, then I find a phone number. 
I must admit dialing on my mobile could be much faster.

Would SITER be the solution ?

Let’s download their application and wait for a few years :

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