Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First batch for applications in competition

ICANN is pretty clear regarding string contention: " In the event that more than one organization applies for the same or similar top-level domain, all applications for those contending strings will be placed into the earliest batch designated".

Many strings listed on the famous and up-to-date Registries.tel new gTLD alphabetical directory (:-) can now be sure they will be selected in the first batch. Some more have been added below in the list according to rumors. These applications may take up to 20 months to be validated by ICANN. Some of these strings could be:
  • .AFRICA;
  • .BAYERN;
  • .BERLIN;
  • .FILM;
  • .FREE;
  • .GAME;
  • .HEALTH;
  • .HOTEL;
  • .MED;
  • .MUSIC;
  • .NYC;
  • .PARIS;
  • .RADIO;
  • .SCOT;
  • .SHOP,
  • .SKI;
  • .SPORT;
  • .SURF;
  • .TOKYO;
  • .VEGAS;
  • .WEB;
  • .WINE.
Source: ICANN (read down the page).
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