Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to .DOWNLOAD Banging Tunes, Sick Movies and Nasty Apps

There is something that I am sure of: if I find two websites to watch a movie, one ending with ".download" and the other with ".cloud", I am almost certain that I will click on the ".download" one, at least for two reasons:
  1. I know .DOWNLOAD offers more chances to "download" the movie. The word "download" sends clear information. I don't exactly know what a .CLOUD website would offer: a weather forecast ... maybe!
  2. I also know I shall be able to watch my movie with the assurance that my comfort will rely on my reading device only, and not — also — on the speed of the connection. When you watch a movie hosted in the cloud, the movie is downloaded while you watch. This means that it stops, if the Internet connection is interrupted.
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