Saturday, April 5, 2014

Approved Resolutions for .WINE and .VIN : SURPRISE V3 (no surprise?)

In 2 words:
  1. 60 days delays before "something" happens;
  2. Translation of resolution 4 = The ICANN board has absolutely no clue on how to deal with this and the GAC is not able to convince the Board to do something. Expect more delays.
A few resolutions were taken by ICANN and posted before the week-end. I read the text and noticed a few things:
  • 9 letters were sent to ICANN, they are availlable to read :
    • President, The European Parliament;
    • Director – European Commission, Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology;
    • President - Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico;
    • General Director - Comité Interprofessional du Vin de Champagne (CIVIC);
    • Presidente - Instituto os Vinhos do Douro e do Porto;
    • Executive Director - The Long Island Wine Council;
    • President & CEO - Napa Valley Vintners;
    • Director General, Consejo Regulador Do Jerez-Xérès-Sherry.
  • I did not find the second legal analysis requested by ICANN but it is possible I missed it;
  • Funny: The ICANN CEO from the ICANN Board is also a member of the NGPC group;
  • The Rationale for Resolutions gives more details, for example you will learn that "the NGPC has concluded that there was no process violation or procedural error under the Bylaws, particularly because the Independent Legal Analysis was not sought as External Expert Advice pursuant to Article X1-A, or any other Bylaws provision" (...)
  • Nonsense: "Additional time (60 days) should be allotted before proceeding with the .WINE and .VIN contracting to allow the relevant impacted parties additional time to try to work out their differences". This way to proceed has been the one for months and is a total waste of time because parties concerned are camping on their positions and count on ICANN to take a final decision.

The Approved Resolutions:
  1. Resolved (2014.04.04.NG01), the NGPC accepts the GAC advice identified in the Singapore Communiqué as it relates to the applications for .WINE and .VIN.
  2. Resolved (2014.04.04.NG02), upon having considered the matter set forth in the GAC Singapore Communiqué suggesting that there may have been a process violation or procedural error, the NGPC concludes that there has been no process violation or procedural error under the Bylaws.
  3. Resolved (2014.04.04.NG03), the NGPC directs the President and CEO, or his designee, to not commence the contracting process for the applications for .WINE and .VIN for 60 days from the date of publication of these resolutions in order to provide additional time for the relevant impacted parties to negotiate, which they are encouraged to do.
  4. Resolved (2014.04.04.NG04), the NGPC recommends that the full Board consider the larger implications of legally complex and politically sensitive issues such as those raised by GAC members, including whether ICANN is the proper venue in which to resolve these issues, or whether there are venues or forums better suited to address concerns such as those raised by GAC members in relation to the .WINE and .VIN applications.

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