Wednesday, February 25, 2015


.SCIENCE domains are open to all
On the 24 of February 2015, new .SCIENCE domain names were opened to the public and anyone could register a domain name ending in .SCIENCE at a very competitive price, sometimes for nothing.

I was there and hope members of the French science community were there too because it was the proper moment to register generic domain names.

Of course, registration figures are high and many registered these domain names: 35,000 domain names were registered after 16 hours.

Of course, one could submit its trademark data into the Trademark Clearinghouse to participate in the ".SCIENCE Sunrise Period" - this period is dedicated to companies with a prior right to offer them to register a domain name prior to the "Open to All Period" - but it required to know about its existence.
"Science" is not an English word, it is French too.
If I believe many English signs were registered, not so many were registered in French so I did that job for French Science with a list of 70 domain names.

Free for the French scientific community
French Scientific institutions can ask for a .SCIENCE domain name from the list below. I will be happy to transfer the domain name to any scientific identified institution and for Free.

Note that these domain names were registered yesterday and for this reason they cannot be transferred right away but on request and after that I have identified the scientific institution, I will be happy to:
  1. unlock the domain name and;
  2. give the auth code.
The institution will have to pay to transfer the domain name to its Accredited Registrar and I will be happy to explain for the procedure.

The list of domain names:

I was not able to register .SCIENCE domain names with accents.

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