Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More .PHOTO than .PHOTOS domains?

Remember Singular vs Plural TLDs?

I  check volumes of new domains once a week and just noticed that there are now more .PHOTO domain names registered (with no 's") than .PHOTOS (with an "s"). It had been the opposite until this week.

New .PHOTOS domain names were launched long before .PHOTO but registrations seem to tend that end-users are registering the singular version of the domain name extension rather than the plural one.

Another reason could be that .PHOTOS is reaching its first year of renewals and Registrants (end-users)could be tempted to drop their domain. Since it was launched first, its Registrants drop their domains before .PHOTO.

  • .PHOTO: 18,435 registrations;
  • .PHOTOS: 17,481.
Let's see what happens next week.

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