Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jovenet Consulting is 3 years old...already (new gTLDs).

I want to thank LinkedIn for reminding me that Jovenet Consulting turned 3 a few hours ago.

These past years following the ICANN new gTLD program have taught us many lessons and we are definitely ready for Round two. I won't be introducing Jovenet Consulting here because many of you: friends, clients, partners, service providers have heard from us by word of mouth but for those who wonder what Jovenet consulting is about, here is what we do "in simple words":
  • We talk about new gTLDs;
  • We write Newsletters about new gTLDs;
  • We provide content about new gTLDs to service providers;
  • We write articles about new gTLDs;
  • We help new gTLD projects to develop;
  • We promote new gTLDs on social networks;
  • We help potential applicants find their way in the ICANN new gTLD process;
  • We help open close(d) doors;
  • We complain at ICANN when it is necessary;
  • We congratulate ICANN when it deserves it;
  • We help applicants connect with the right new gTLD service provider;
  • As an independent company, not affiliated with any back-end Registry, we are able to answer all questions.

You noticed? We're about new generic Top-Level Domains "only" and if everything that we do is not expressly explained on our website, it is because every offer, every deal that we have with a customer is a different one.

Independent new gTLD consulting:

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