Friday, January 15, 2016

Michael Berkens

Domain name is SOLD
Yesterday, I received an email from Michael Berkens so I found it appropriate to ask him questions in return and guess what...he answered my question.

Why would someone be surprised to receive an answer to a question sent by email? Well, when you've been working online for a long time and publishing information - A LOT OF INFORMATION - related to domain names, you can expect to receive a lot of emails in return (a lot of spam too); and unfortunately you cannot answer all of them.

No BlaBla
Michael Berkens is a person involved in making a living from domain names: basically, anyone involved in anything related to domain names has read one of his articles. Second thing to say: any domain name investor wants to be Mickael Berkens because domainers investors think that buying a domain name means that they will sell it. "Yes, someone definitely will call you to to buy your great domain name for thousands of dollars and you won't have to do anything but wait for the phone to ring and email your IBAN". Unfortunately, that is not how it works: Berkens spent his life building his empire and today is pay day, time to rest...apparently.

Questions asked:

Michael recently bought the domain name "" and many know that I am a fan of this domain name extension.

Jean: "Do you have a plan for this domain or do you plan to resell it?"

Its a domain I would like to develop probably will hold it to sell it.

Jean: "I always think that directories are a very good use for a generic domain such as "" : did you consider this idea?"

(when you are answered "sure", it can mean something different ;-)

Jean: "You are a famous domain name investor: why did you consider ".club" after ".com" and no other domain name extension?"

I'm not considering just .club also bought in the auction, and for Judi as she certainly is.

Jean: "I am not much into reselling domain names myself but I read that you sold a gigantic domain name portfolio to GoDaddy, so what's the plan now?"

Slow down, once I'm done with the auction I will be pealing off of ROTD activities as well as cutting down substantially on the blog. Plan is to not work 10 hours a day and have to be online every day of the year.

Jean: "Isn't the next step for a person like you to consider applying for your own TLD in Round 2? Which would it be?"

Next round isn't until maybe 2020 I'll be 62 by then not sure I will be waiting to start a new venture at that age. Of course I have a few extensions I like but publicly disclosing that would a just result in more competition for that extension so that would not be a smart thing to do.

Jean: "Which new gTLDs do you think are missing today?"

Certainly more cities could use them.

Jean: "With the increasing visibility of that French guy based in Paris and who focuses on new gTLDs only, would you partner with him to help him develop his business?"

Send him my contact info, I  would have to learn a lot more about his plans.

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