Thursday, January 14, 2016

The new gTLD info for Thursday

Nameshield Registry
Nameshield Registry (new gTLD), a branch of the Nameshield Group just launched the new version of its website related to helping third parties to apply for new domain name extnesion.

3 Sunrise Periods are ending:

The Real Facts & Stats About ICANN and Its gTLDs
It has taken four years of ICANN delays, controversial decisions, but finally during 2016, potentially 500 of these closed .brands will launch their ICANN evaluated application strategy that they prepared on application in 2012. Some may well become the next .COM. The main raison d'etre of ICANN's gTLD programme is to increase consumer trust, consumer choice and competition as stipulated by ICANN's Affirmation of Commitments, 9.3.

".VIN: il faudra être vigilant"
L’Internet sera probablement notre plus grand marché dans les années à venir. Les institutions doivent sérieusement s’engager pour une stratégie spécifique aux IG sur le net ou nous risquons de voir se développer des phénomènes de contrefaçon et cyber-squatting. Pour commencer, il faudra être vigilant quant à la bonne application de l’accord commercial conclu à propos des nouvelles extensions .WINE et .VIN.

Two claim dates updated:
  1. .KRD
  2. .BANK

.Auto .Car, .Cars Get 1st day Registrations $60K Per Domain
The 1st day of the Early Access Program (EAP) opened up yesterday for the new gTLD’s .Auto, .Car and .Cars with day 1 prices set at $59,049.99 for each domain name at Godaddy and there appears to have been some takers at that price.

Facebook registers .AUTO domain names
Facebook registered several car and auto related domains last month. It led to speculation that the company may be about to unveil its own car but it may be an attempt to protect the brand from 'cyber squatters'

Trademark check for France
To check if a domain name is registered as a Trademark, the first step is to check the ".fr" Whois to see if the domain name is registered already:
  1. Whois for ".fr" domains:
  2. Then the Trademark chech should be done here:

Switching from Defense to Offense with nTLDs
It seems that every time new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) go live these days, lawyers are standing by to snatch them up on behalf of a trademark holder. They aren’t doing it because of the opportunity presented by new domain extensions, but due to the fear of losing control of their businesses’ names online.

Nameshield Corporate Registrar: Corporate domain name portfolio management
The Nameshield Group: Registry, Corporate and Retail Registrar

Most recent Trademark Clearinghouse Sunrise Period announcements

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