Thursday, March 3, 2016

Google's projects for new gTLDs

This is something that I like to do: use the Google's advanced search to check about new domain names created in a specific new gTLD. Today I searched for potential new domain names created by Google and I found three interesting one:
Most of the time, these new domain name creations are redirected to existing projects but these are not and point to an error. If the sub-domain redirections for Google Maps are active ( and, the sub-domain points to the right service so what is the idea behind the creation of these ultra short domain names ending with the ".GOOGLE" extension?

To do your own search:
  1. go to Google;
  2. search for something (whatever);
  3. click on the little wheel on top right of the window;
  4. select "advanced search";
  5. remove what you searched for in the "all these words" field, and leave it empty;
  6. go down to "site or domain" and enter the domain name extension you are interested in;
  7. click on "Advanced Search";
  8. Done.
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