Monday, March 7, 2016

The new gTLD info for Monday the 7th

The ICANN meeting in Marrakech has started and it will last until the end of the week. We can expect announcements and hopefully...decisions. I believe a major information would be to give the date for ""
  1. The .HOMES Sunrise Period has started;
  2. New report: "New gTLDs related to SPORT";
  3. HOT - Delegation of .AFRICA blocked, DCA gets relief from US Court;
  4. Governments split on IANA transition (example used: .AMAZON) new gTLD;
  5. There is a top 10 for Worst Top Level Domains for spammers;
  6. FUNNY - Poll: .XYZ or .CLUB domain names? [vote here]
  7. In French, DNS NEWS (new gTLDs)
    1. Remises en cause et en ordre de bataille ;
    2. Des chiffres toujours florissants;
    3. Etat statistique des nTLDs au samedi 5/03/16 (données publiées);
    4. Trois clefs pour un mystère.
  8. Announcement on .AFRICA new gTLD by the ICANN;
  9. Music artists use .BUZZ domain names to perform in Texas!
  10. Spotlight on Premium .CLUB domain names;
  11. The Vistaprint Limited String Confusion Objection Expert Determination (.WEBS & .WEB new gTLDs);
  12. Article: The New gTLDs: Sink or Swim?
  13. A negative recap from last week (on ICANN and new gTLDs);
  14. In Spanish: Nuevos dominios gTLDs: ¿qué oportunidades ofrecen a tu negocio?
  15. New gTLD Reports: 
    1. New gTLDs related to Photography;
    2. New gTLDs related to Catering;
    3. HOT: New gTLDs related to Cities.
  16. ICANN new gTLD revenue: $27.3 million in 2016?
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