Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The new gTLD info for Wednesday, March 16th

Today, there is an extremely interesting article related to new domain names and Search Engine Optimization with a concrete example that ranking in search engines can go up due to new gTLDs.
  1. Car Brands: are they taking a leading role in the new Internet?
  2. New domain name auction: more than €20,000 and sold for €3,950;
  3. Get on the Right Side of the ".";
  4. Report - Update: new gTLDs related to SPORT
  5. Charter Approved to Review All Rights Protections Mechanisms in All Generic TLDs;
  6. Startup raises $1M using a .CLUB domain names;
  7. Case figure - Changing to a new descriptive domain name: "We have observed direct evidence that the site’s overall search engine rankings have gone up".
  8. In French - Le nom de domaine, inutile à l’heure des services Web gratuits ?
  9. Website designed for Chinese domain name buyers: the Zhongwen Club;
  10. Domain names ending in .EARTH to gain momentum;
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