Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The new gTLD info for Tuesday, March 15th

Today, I read that there will be a .MOBILE new domain name extension and this captures my attention because there is a MOBI new gTLD already. It was launched many years ago and there are 725,000 domain names registered in this extension (more or less). There were 3 applicants for this extension (check here for the list: "ICANN new gTLD Application Results").
I wonder...who will buy domain names ending in ".MOBILE"? The question was raised recently at another "Multiple Registry" who applied for domain name extensions that will probably sell very few domain names so...why would someone apply for such domain name extension?
I checked figures and I am now certain that it is worth applying for a new gTLD for a speculation purpose. I mean by this that you can earn more money selling a domain name extension in an auction rather than launching the Registry itself and try to sell domain names. Could it be what we are talking about here?
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  8. More coming for tonight's Newsletter.

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