Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Aren't new domain names exciting?

I like precision and if I was good at designing websites, I would spend my spare time creating one page websites with content. I like well designed websites: when the front page says it all and when the domain name matches with what the front page offers. I call this Art.

New domains are convincing
It becomes easier to convince to use new gTLDs. A client of mine recently hired me to find the perfect domain name for him and if we have agreed that we are OK to spend $3,000.00 for a ".com" (and more for the rest of the portfolio), I admit that I spend more time looking at new gTLDs rather than the right generic ".com" to start our portfolio with. I convinced my client to communicate on a new domain name (from the ICANN new gTLD program), rather than the ".com" since there is a new domain name extension for his business.

Identity recognition: choice is here
Some like to buy shoes. For a reason I still misunderstand, I "like" to buy new domain names: it gives me pleasure because they offer a play-field for ideas and creation. I recently bought because it really offers precision in the title and there is space for a newsletter which deals with things related to domain names. I also bought - - several ".club" domain names -  One day, I guess I end these projects.

Buying a domain name is easy and I strongly believe that Brands, who can afford it, should store domain names for the future because it makes sense for a company to register its ".com" as well as its ".company" domain name. In the future it is quite possible that all companies will communicate on a ".company" domain name because next generations will have grown up with new domain names.
It is the same for sport clubs: the French PSG (Paris Saint-Germain Football Club) still communicates on a ".fr" domain name but isn't a "football club" before it is "France"? In terms of identity recognition, the future of sport clubs such as the PSG is ".football" first, and ".club" second: it is not ".fr". The same applied to fan clubs: there are ".fan", ".club" and ".fans" domain names for fan clubs.

Securing assets and generic names
It is a real pain not to be able to find a generic domain name in ".com": it is even more a pain to know that the price to simply redirect such a name to a new domain name will be higher than the cost of the new domain name itself. If securing a ".com" will still be an obligation during a certain time, I strongly believe that the future is in new gTLDs and the appropriate time for a company to secure its assets is just now.

New domain names offer great opportunities to register generic domain names in many industry and business fields. I was searching for info on embassies yesterday and I found out that generic names such as - - - - and many others are still free to register. And not all of them are Premium domain names, far from this!

Did you check for new generic domain names related to your business? Search at your accredited Registrar or ask Nameshield for this service, they will be able to list all domain names related to your activity.
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