Friday, April 15, 2016

The new gTLD info for Friday, April 15th

There is a lot happening at the moment, and not only in Cuba. Cuba is opening to the word but there is another country in which the embargo ended last January 2016: it is Iran. For the past 30 years, it was not possible to have a debit card and now it becomes possible, I see more registrations coming. Did you know that Iran is a rich country?
  1. Iraq's Kurds declare independence with the .KRD new gTLD;
  2. Article - The domain extension likely to contribute to a high search ranking;
  3. 16.5% of Premium 3 letters ".club" domain names are still available to register;
  4. INTA: New gTLD Program and Rights Protection Issues;
  5. Report: the latest Verisign report has been issued: there are now 314 million domain names registered with a 5% increase;
  6. .BRAND: the .LECLERC new gTLD has launched: Vive la France!
  7. Facebook bought a Registrar: new domain names coming in Facebook?
  8. Should It Compulsorily Be A .Com Domain Name?
  9. More coming during the day; latest update is tonight in the Newsletter.
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