Thursday, April 14, 2016

The new gTLD info for Thursday, April 14th

Buying a Premium domain names is sometimes a little more expensive but in certain cases, it can be interesting for traffic: here is why. A few days ago, the Registry for ".club" domain names sold This domain name has now been indexed for a very long time by Google and many websites like have pointed to that domain name. The new owner will benefit from this traffic.
  • Partnership between Back-End and original .GREEN applicant ends;
  • The .DOHA new gTLD was just announced;
  • Must read - Five way business use new gTLDs;
  • Calendar - Two new gTLD events added;
  • Report - How new gTLDs will transform the Internet:
    • Market fragmentation;
    • The growth of .BRAND domain endings;
    • The rise of non-Latin characters in domain names;
    • What will the Internet will look like in 2020?
    • Keeping one step ahead of the transformation of the Internet (a Brand Holder’s guide).
  • More on .AFRICA:
    • US Court Grants DCA Trust's Motion for Preliminary Injunction on .Africa gTLD;
    • Did the DotConnectAfrica judge make a big dumb mistake?
  • New gTLDs: a new marketing vanguard;
  • Guess who bought "" for $25,000?
  • Reminder - .INSURANCE Webinar (Wed, Apr 20, 2016)
  • Sunrise Period - The .PROMO Sunrise starts;
  • More coming during the day.
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