Monday, April 11, 2016

The new gTLD info for Monday, April 11th

Monday is always full of News related to new domain names. The week-end is also a moment for me to publish reports with figures. We want to recommend French speaking readers of our publications to have a look at the Nameshield's report: it focuses on domain name extensions which have a French meaning.
  • Must-read - Past TLDs have Failed and Many More Will Follow in Their Path;
  • The weekly French new gTLD report by Nameshield;
  • Ending soon - The .VIP Sunrise Period (participate);
  • Leveraging Emerging gTLDs;
  • Multiple Registry rejects $5M offer;
  • Reports:
    • HOT - New gTLDs related to "cities";
    • New gTLDs related to "photography";
    • New gTLDs related to "catering".
  • Podcast on new gTLD backend Registry service provider;
  • Article on .CARS new gTLD;
  • Someone disagrees with latest TechRepublic's article on new gTLDs;
  • New domains: are they about to blow?
  • Cybersquatting reaches new heights with the introduction of new gTLDs (WIPO);
  • Registry enters top 10 Registry service providers;
  • More coming during the day.
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