Friday, June 3, 2016

New gTLDs: "gamers decide"

I just noticed that the .GAMES new gTLD was just delegated: it means that there will soon be domain names ending in ".games" (with an "s"). You probably noticed that the .GAME new gTLD was launched a few weeks ago at a high price for Registrants: it cost more than $300 to register one of these domains.

It appears that the .GAMES will launch at a lower price - a much lower price - and if I would probably buy the singular version of a domain name and not the plural one, it is possible that gamers (those who play video games) decide to go for the plural version if it is cheaper. It is even possible that previous article written for the launching of .GAME does the promotion of a cheaper .GAMES...

These 2 new gTLDs are listed in the SPORT new gTLD report updated on Wednesday: we will keep a close eye on these 2 extensions and see...what gamers decide to buy.

  1. Launching - Another .BRAND has launched: the .PICTET new gTLD;
  2. Announcement - The .ART new gTLD has launched;
  3. Five new gTLDs were just delegated:
    1. .DHL
    3. .GAMES (the .GAME was launched last week)
    4. .PIONEER
    5. .ZAPPOS
  4. .BRANDs - Can they become best of both worlds between apps and websites?
  5. Article - .XYZ Domain Registry: “How To Blow 1 Million Dollars In 2 Days;
  6. China might be inching closer to granting licenses for new TLDs;
  7. Guide - A Beginner's Guide to Brand Top-Level Domains;
  8. Donuts Adjusting Pricing for Ten gTLDs;
  9. Donuts’ new 50% price hike explained;
  10. Fivteen essential sources of new generic TLD information;
  11. Amazingly, .blockbuster will soon be a gTLD.
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