Friday, August 26, 2016

Corporate or Retail Registrar?

I was about to write a cool article about a Registrar where I believed that it made sense to transfer domain name portfolios.
Unfortunately, I just found out about a major issue after having transferred some domain names and support is surprisingly slow to answer my last question on this very specific issue.

Prior to initiating a transfer project from a Registrar to another, it requires domain name knowledge but also Registrar market knowledge.
The feasibility of such a project requires to think in the long term: employees change job and it can be a high risk (for the company's emails for example) to have a new employee with no knowledge of domain names to take the lead on domain name operations if (s)he is new to this.
For this reason, I recommend to use Corporate Registrars who will be able to take care of all operations for managers with no or few knowledge.
Jovenet Consulting also helps companies to transfer domain name portfolios to the right retail or Corporate Registrar.

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