Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Old ".wine" new gTLD projections

Registration volumes are slow but they increase. This reminds me the projections I wrote in my business plan for the .WINE new gTLD (the dotVinum project). My projection dated 2011 stated that the Registry (all included) could start to be profitable in year one if 100,000 domain names were registered at a wholesale price of €7 - 14€ and €20 but this did not include Premium domain names.

  1. Wholesale price of €7 in year one: €53.900,00
  2. Wholesale price of €14: in year one: €753.900,00
  3. Wholesale price of €20: in year one: €1,353.900,00
I calculated that profitability in year two was -217,690.00 for 10,000 domain names registered at a wholesale price of €20 but again, this did not include huge lists of Premium domain names and the back-end Registry service and operations were calculated for one single Registry, not multiple ones.

Scary, isn't it?

New domain name registration volumes:

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