Monday, November 7, 2016

Backend registries still needed in Round two?

Not fast enough today :-)
I wasn't fast enough today to ask my question during the Registry Service Provider Certification conference at ICANN 57 (Hyderabad). As a non native English writer, I need to write down my questions before posting them because it does not look nice when a question comes with a mistake or a mistype (and when it is read as such by the entire audience). Unfortunately, I could post it but far too late and from a potential dotBrand future new gTLD applicant prospective, it is to me a very important question so here it is:

Google recently revealed "Nomulus", a backend registry tool to operate a Registry. Since Google Registry (Charleston Road Registry Inc.) is already technically certified by the ICANN since it uses Nomulus for its TLDs; will future users of Nomulus need to become certified as backend registries too?

I understand that such question might not please backend registry providers, but since Nomulus is already in use and hosted on Google's technical platform (Google Cloud Platform); why would future new gTLD applicants have to deal with the technical aspect of running a registry when it could be just a matter of choosing a provider...just like when registering a domain name?

I emailed my question to the ICANN.

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