Thursday, April 6, 2017

Companies to register more "new" domains

That is a fact, companies don't have the budget to register their name in all new domain name extensions but they tend to register more domain names in targeted extensions. the way, why would a company want to register its name in all available new domain name extensions?
Would it make sense for a company based in...Washington (USA) to register a domain name ending in ".sarl" when "SARL" is a corporate identifier in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon?

For this reason, we selected what we consider, the best domain name extensions to register a domain with for Companies; no matter where they are located.

The list of domain name extensions also includes the legacy ".com" domain name extension because we consider (for probably the next 10 years) that this old extension will remain a good one to secure and to use as a redirection to a new domain name. We also included two other legacy extensions and .TEL is one of them.

In this report, seven registries have more than 100,000 domains registered and four of them are increasing their domain name registration volume very significantly this month.

Two extensions, including an IDN, are losing registrations: 7,000 for the IDN when the .BLOG new gTLD does the opposite and gains 7,000 more domains!

The full monthly report is available in our Newsletter only which is sent tonight at 8PM CET.

For those who have an access to this specific report, we welcome your comments and will be happy to add an extension if it answers this question: "my company is based in Africa; does it make sense to register the Company's name in this specific extension?" Note that all websites are not translated into English but could be at a certain point in the Future of the Company. Some companies also secure their assets and register domain names to block a third party from doing it. There are various reasons why it can make sense to register a domain name, even if it won't be used.

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