Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New gTLDs and City names

The city of Istanbul gains more than 1,000 new domain registrations in one month, with its .ISTANBUL new gTLD. Three cities have sticked to the red for the past 3 months and keep losing registrations. Six cities are "in the blue" and have kept gaining more registrations for the past two months.

Eight cities just...don't want to launch and have one single domain name registered. One of them, the city of Boston and its .BOSTON new gTLD, should launch soon.

The .SYDNEY new gTLD passed the 10,000 new domain name registrations: "Congrats".

We are comfortable with adding the .TOURS new gTLD as a city name since this French city, also called "Le Jardin de la France" ("The Garden of France"), has a population of 140,000.

The domain name extensions concerned are:
  1. .NYC
  2. .BERLIN
  3. .LONDON
  4. .TOKYO
  5. .CITY
  7. .KOELN
  9. .MOSCOW
  10. .PARIS
  12. .МОСКВА (xn--80adxhks)
  13. .WIEN
  14. .VEGAS
  15. .IST
  16. .MIAMI
  17. .SYDNEY
  19. .QUEBEC
  22. .TOURS
  23. .COLOGNE
  25. .NAGOYA
  27. .GENT
  28. .JOBURG
  29. .TAIPEI
  30. .OKINAWA
  31. .TOWN
  32. .DURBAN
  33. .RIO
  34. .OSAKA
  35. .KYOTO
  36. .DUBAI
  37. .BCN
  38. .MADRID
  42. .DOHA
  44. .BOSTON
The April 2017 full report is available here.

We are open to add more city names, no matter if they are a generic string with multiple meanings. Forward the names to us. Thank you.

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