Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Latest new gTLD NEWS

These are the contents related to new gTLDs that we published a link to, in our latest Newsletters:
  1. The .FILM namespace is a viable new gTLD;
  2. Spotlight on the .CAM new gTLD;
  3. China approves more gTLDs;
  4. Interesting - How SHARP uses its ".sharp" domains;
  5. The .RADIO Launch timeline has been updated;
  6. Events:
    1. Webinar on Geographic Names: 25 April 2017;
    2. The AFNIC Forum: 18 May 2017.
  7. A new domain was sold for $183,000;
  8. HOT - Innovation in new gTLDs;
  9. .VIP and geographic gTLDs update;
  10. Bloomberg Loses URS?
  11. .BASKETBALL domains are live;
  12. URS is fast and cheap, but…
  13. HOT - Les modèles des nTLDs: questionnement;
  14. From $111 .BET Premium to a $6,500 sale;
  15. Search Engine Optimisation for .BRAND domains;
  16. HOT - Experts agree, nTLDs are as good as any other TLDs for SEO rankings;
  17. Can (and Should) Failed New gTLDs Be Saved?
  18. Almost 10% Of New gTLD Registrations In Upcoming Delete Status;
  19. Brand TLD Market Brief – March 2017;
  20. Country Bias in new top level domains;
  21. HOT - Studying .BRAND New gTLDs;
  22. LOL - When is the next round?
  23. HOT - The Dot Brand Observatory: a "date" is not the only question anymore;
  24. Registry wins .AFRICA domain battle;
  25. Want a .MAKEUP domain?
  26. Your Guide to Brand Top-Level Domains;
    1. What Are Brand TLDs?
    2. Why Now?
    3. What does the program status look like today?
    4. Why Many Big Brands Are Making the Move
    5. Cost Benefit
    6. What are domain names worth?
    7. What does it cost to protect a brand?
  27. Donuts tries the dirt-cheap domain model;
  28. Rightside changes brand blocking service for new TLDs;
  29. New gTLD Public Comment Opportunities.
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