Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Photography and new gTLDs

There are 3 major increases this month in domain name registration volumes related to photography and one extension which keeps losing records. The extensions chosen to match with the subject of photography are:
  1. .WEBCAM
  3. .PICS
  4. .MEDIA
  5. .PHOTO (s/p)
  6. .STUDIO
  8. .VIDEO
  9. .PHOTOS (s/p)
  10. .GALLERY
  13. .CAMERA
  14. .FILM
  15. .CAM
  16. .ART
  17. .MOVIE
  18. .SONY ®
  19. .CANON ®
  20. .MOV
  21. .PANASONIC ®
  22. .YODOBASHI ®
  23. .GOLDPOINT ®
  24. .NIKON ®
  25. .OLYMPUS ®
The few photography trademarks to have applied for their own domain name extension still do not have found how to use them. If Canon has launched one commercial ".canon" domain name, its major competitor Nikon is still in stand-by. The Sony Trademark, which is not only related to Photography has launched a few initiatives and has 8 ".sony" domains registered as of today.

Check the full report at Jovenet Consulting.

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