Thursday, January 11, 2018

The .BANK and .INSURANCE new gTLDs are NOT removing eligibility verification

A recent letter was sent from the ICANN, by the Registry Services and Engagement Director, to Craig Schwartz in charge of the .BANK and .INSURANCE new gTLDs.

Removal of Eligibility Verification
The letter is entitled "Removal of Eligibility Verification for gTLD: .bank and .insurance for RSEP ID: [#879030]" but it appears that the content is not exactly about this.

A misleading title
It appears that the title of the letter is misleading and in fact, the two registries are not removing eligibility verification. The registries of these two restrictive TLDs, are considering a change in how verification is performed.

Read the letter here.


Unknown said...

Hi, I just tried to access the correspondence myself, but it seems it has been removed from ICANN archive, isn't that strange? Do you think it being sent in error is a likely assumption, or has correspondence been removed or disappear from the archive in the past without explanation?

I can view a cached copy of the URL using google cache, but the PDF doesn't seem to be cached anywhere.

Unknown said...
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Jean Guillon said...

I was informed that the letter was misleading so I guess Icann was informed too and changed its title.

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