Tuesday, August 28, 2018

New gTLDs "Today": a new communication channel

I recently noticed that 150 members are following the new gTLD info on the Google+ community that I created a few years ago. Basically, I post the exact same info as on the LinkedIn new gTLD group.
A different channel
I am reopening this communication channel because it is simple, efficient and some still use it. It is also quite fast for me to post an info there: it requires a link and a title (I often add a picture).

You should click here to be invited and note that it requires to join to be able to post. As usual, I try my best to moderate publications and do reject everything that has nothing to do with the subject of new gTLDs. And again: selling domain names there is not accepted, there are many other places to do that.

Which information channel?
Many exist but I created five of them:
  1. A newsletter where I send 100% of the news found on Internet and related to new gTLDs (new gTLD domaining excluded);
  2. A Blog: the gTLD Club (my blog);
  3. My Twitter account;
  4. The LinkedIn group about new gTLDs (2,700 subscribers);
  5. The Google+ Community (100% of the news published in the Newsletter).
New gTLDs "today"
When desperately lost searching for the latest news about new gTLDs, I suggest to try this reminder:

Sponsors welcome
We have become quite efficient when it comes to ensuring that an information "about new gTLDs" is seen: we talk to/about new gTLD service providers but they are certainly not the majority to read what we write. Potential and existing applicants also read us. For example, this publication generated quite some buzz recently, this one too. We look for one single sponsor in each of the categories below:
  • A Backend registry provider;
  • A Registrar solution provider;
  • A Corporate or Retail Registrar;
  • An escrow service provider;
  • Trademarks are also welcome to sponsor us;
  • New gTLD and legacy Registries are also welcome.
Please contact us if you are interested.

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