Monday, August 13, 2018

Luxury and new gTLDs: the report

We have identified new domain name extensions connected or related to luxury: there are international trademarks and generic terms. The strings concerned are:
  1. .VIP
  2. .GOLD
  3. .CASINO
  5. .BEST
  6. .LUXURY (s/p)
  7. .RICH
  8. .YACHTS
  10. .GUCCI ®
  11. .CHANEL ®
  12. .OMEGA ®
  13. .HERMES ®
  14. .LUXE (s/p)
  15. .CARTIER ®
  16. .RICHARDLI ®
  17. .PIAGET ®
  19. .LIMO
  20. .FERRARI ®
  21. .MASERATI ®
  22. .BUGATTI ®
  23. .BENTLEY ®
The .RICHARDLI new gTLD is an interesting domain name extension since it is the only TLD worldwide to be the first name and family name of a person.

Most of the trademarks represented by the "®" sign have one domain name registration only and the .LUXURY new gTLD is now also available in French.

The monthly report is available in English and in French. Would we have forgotten to add some strings, please tell us. This report will be updated on a monthly basis at the end of the month.

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