Monday, September 17, 2018

The .BEST new gTLD and SEO Whitepaper

This is a whitepaper published by the .BEST new gTLD registry. I particularly like the title used in the presentation: "The untold truth". This is an extract of the content that you will find in this document:
  1. Why choose a .BEST domain name;
  2. What is the .BESt new gTLD;
  3. Examples of possible domains names on .EST;
  4. Why ".BEST"?
  5. Best and Food;
  6. Best and Products;
  7. Best and Entertainments,
  8. Best and Services;
  9. Best and Co;
  10. Google Trends score:
    1. Score: 97/100;
    2. Best vs Price.
  11. HOT: dotBEST and SEO:
    1. .BEST and Google;
    2. .BEST and CTR (Click Through Rate);
    3. .BEST and Bounce rate;
    4. .BEST and Dwell Time (time on site);
    5. .BEST and Pages Per Visit;
    6. .BEST and Conversion rate;
    7. Conclusion.
  12. Examples of ".best" domains indexed in google.

Download the White Paper here.

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