Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Looking for (new gTLD) Sponsors

I publish about new gTLDs "only" and I don't do write much, but I can ensure that what is said about your company will be read by your next potential clients and the entire new gTLD community.

I am the product
I publish a lot about new gTLDs and .BRANDs "only" and I do that because, when working as a consultant, I just have to. I once read that when doing that for free, I was the product, and this is actually why I look for sponsors. I am fine with being a product :-)

It's over here
Following up with all that is said about new gTLDs is rather easy, I'd suggest to select a communication channel at www.gtld.today, hit the subscribe button and you're set.

My future sponsors
On the list of sponsors that I look forward to have are:
  1. One Backend Registry;
  2. One Escrow service provider;
  3. ICANN;
  4. One Registrar (Retail or Corporate);
  5. Registries;
  6. One law firm offering services "related" to new gTLDs;
  7. Trademarks are welcome too.
My offers
My promotion offers are available at Jovenet Consulting, in English and in French, but I am happy to work on something different, according to specific needs.

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