Monday, October 1, 2018

Real Estate and new gTLDs: volumes

I just updated the monthly report dedicated to domain name registration volumes from the Real Estate industry. In more simple words, the report refers to extensions such as ".forsale", ".apartments", ".loft", etc...

A snapshot
This report is a monthly snapshot which allows to see if Real Estate businesses use these new domain names and which extension catches the attention of buyers. The report is updated at the end of each month and two kind of new gTLDs can be found in this report:
  1. DotBrand domain name registration volumes dedicated to Real Estate Trademarks (also called ".BRANDs"). Note that these domain names cannot be sold through the network of accredited registrars: the .FRESENIUS new gTLD for example;
  2. Real Estate domain name volumes dedicated to be sold to the general public: the .HOUSE new gTLD for example.
September - October 2018
This month, 31 new gTLDs are listed and 6 of them are Trademarks. The most successful new gTLD, in volume of domain name registered, is the .REALTOR new gTLD with a total of 45,479 creations (this Top-Level Domain is exclusively for REALTORS®). The interesting thing about this number is that it has gained 4,000 registrations in one month: that's a lot.
Another interesting progression is the .REALESTATE new gTLD which seems to be gaining a lot of registrations with an increase of 12,300 domain names creations.
Note that these two extensions belong to the same owner.

Good to know, the .HOMES new gTLD just announced that it is dropping its restrictions and lowering its price as early as January 2019. The extension was delegated in May 2014 and in November 2017, the Registry submitted a Registry Service Evaluation Process request to remove eligibility verification of registrants for the .HOMES Top-Level Domain. With an actual total of 416 domain names registered since its launch, we are confident that this change of position regarding restrictions will significantly change the number of domain names created.

Read the report here.

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