Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Interview: the .BEST Brand Protection Program

This is a recent interview that I have done with Cyril Fremont, new operator of the .BEST Registry. The interview is about the new .BEST Brand Protection Program that the Registry just launched for Trademarks to secure their name.

In simple words, with the .BEST Registry, Cyril is also launching another venture named "The.Best". This innovative project is a new kind of social network, using a dedicated domain name extension for the publication of reviews: domain names ending in ".best".

Doing reviews?
You will love to learn more about how you can be granted for using "The.Best" to post them on Internet but to make it simple here, the idea behind the .BEST Brand Protection Program is to offer Trademarks to secure their name(s) prior to the launching of the social network .

The Interview was just published on CircleId.

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