June 2017

New domain name registration volumes: all new gTLD reports were updated by Jean Guillon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The new gTLD info for Wednesday the 24th

You will find yesterday's update in today's Newsletter with an interview of a multiple registry's CEO. Today is day one of the .MOM Sunrise Period. 
  1. HOT: The $1 Million Release Of DotWine;
  2. $100M in Sales and New Executives for Multiple Registry;
  3. China helps Famous Four Media exceed its growth projections;
  4. The .MOM Sunrise Period (reminder);
  5. Independent review of the Trademark Clearinghouse;
  6. Fine with buying a new domain name, instead of a ".com";
  7. Should brands REALLY get on new gTLDs and give up the status quo?
  8. HOT: Interview with new CEO of Multiple Registry (M+M);
  9. Meet with the .CLUB Registry at INTA Orlando: register today;
  10. Buying a domain name is now made easier with the "domain concierge";
  11. Is the URS dying?
  12. Google to promote new gTLDs on Twitter;
  13. HOT: Donuts appoints outside director, new CFO;
  14. The .PET new gTLD is now open to the public;
  15. American Senator unhappy with ICANN's work;
  16. New gTLDs and naming standards;
  17. Too many new domain names?
  18. In French: "Le nom de domaine, nouveau signe distinctif jurisprudentiel";
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