Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The SLAM Strategy Social Media dotBrand Report

The SLAM Strategy Social Media dotBrand Report

Of the 647 dotBrand applicants we found that they were using a total of 21 different social media channels. These channels are made up of hundreds of millions of fans, customers, subscribers, supporters, affiliates, distributors, sales reps etc., all digesting and sharing branded content on the internet in different ways and for different reasons. Although the top 3 social media channels appear over 60% more often on the brands websites than all the other 18 channels put together, brands are now using a combination of 21 different channels and up to 10 on 1 site to stay connected with their target market. Although the top 5 channels which includes Facebook represent 81% of the total social media channels being used, it was recently reported that for the first time in history Facebook has seen a decline in users. This is largely due to consumers moving away from the traditional channels to more specific channels for their needs and brands therefore having to follow.

Read the complete article on http://gtld.club/2014/04/29/astounding-the-600-dotbrand-social-media-dilemma/

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