Monday, January 25, 2016

It's Monday: the new gTLD info of the day

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  1. Yes We Con! .CLUB Starts 2016 At NamesCon and Comic Con
  2. Fellowship and NextGen@ICANN Application Rounds Open for ICANN56
  3. .Green – Own a Stake in the Green Economy
  4. The .SHOP auction : 27 January 2016
  5. New gTLDs=Dot Ripoffs!!! Don't get suckered!
  6. Sunrise Period for .BOATS new gTLD ends soon 
  7. Liability of domain name registries
  8. Don't shoot the messenger
  9. Use a custom URL for the campaign
  10. Londoners Choose Their Favourite Small Businesses
  11. .Car, .cars and .auto open up web real estate for auto
  12. .sucks sends in the lawyers in “gag order” fight
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