Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The new gTLD info of the day (Tuesday)

Today, there is new gTLD information about Google's position on new gTLDs, domains endingin .BUZZ, a great infographic, an author who wrote a book about the Trademark Clearinghouse, search engine positioning and new gTLDs, new domain registration volumes and more added during the day. Please subscribe to gTLD.club to receive the info n your email.
  1. Google's latest position on new TLDs;
  2. .BUZZ: New Top Level Domains Trending at Conference;
  3. Do you know all domain endings? From .com to .whatever;
  4. Someone wrote a book about the trademark Clearinghouse;
  5. SEO History Helps to Understand the Brand TLD Future;
  6. This week’s new TLDs;
  7. New gTLD Registry decides to layoff employees;
  8. More coming during the day.
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