Monday, February 22, 2016

The new gTLD info for Monday the 22nd

Sad week for CEO of Minds and Machines. M+M is the first - I like to call them - "Multiple Registry" to have generated a serious buzz around new gTLD projects. I have a lot of respect for the work of that person who was among the first of new gTLD applicants to have understood that innovation would make the difference bringing so many new extensions to the market.
  1. Charismatic CEO of multiple Registry fired;
  2. A French petition on a .LOL domain names generates 206 000 signatures;
  3. The weekly French new gTLD report by Nameshield;
  4. Must laugh: "do you/why don't you use domain hacks?" (Wrong speech about new gTLDs);
  5. Examples of how new domain names are used (examples of new websites);
  6. New domain names: the Chinese demand;
  7. New gTLDs: a tool for CMOs;
  8. Issue related to a new gtld domain name (.solutions) on Google Apps for Work;
  9. More coming on the Newsletter.

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