Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The new gTLD info for Wednesday the 17th

A warm "happy birthday" to the .SYDNEY new gTLD and a short word on Registry-Specific Policies. You probably heard about the URD and the UDRP procedures but did you know that some Registries have their own procedures?
  1. Registry-Specific Policies:
    1. .NYC new gTLD
    2. .MUSIC
    3. .NGO - .ONG
    4. .FROGANS
    5. .XXX
    6. .ADULT
    7. .PORN
    8. .SEX
    9. .PRO - .NAME - .BIZ (old TLDs)
    10. .SITE
    11. .TECH
    12. .VOTE - .VOTO
    13. .COLLEGE
    14. Check the complete list is available in our Newsletter (tonight);
  2. Another "Multiple Registry" passes 2 million domain registrations;
  3. The .SYDNEY Registry is one year old;
  4. .SHOP will be around earlier than expected!
  5. Association launches initiative within the domain name ecosystem;
  6. 3 articles on "Multiple registry": proud of the performance of its team;
  7. HOT: update on registration figures for .CLOUD new gTLD;
  8. More articles on .CLOUD (two more);
  9. More coming during the day.
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