Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The new gTLD info for Tuesday, May 3rd

I have noticed a serious interest in "new gTLD reports". Therefore, I have added a few more. I also automated a certain number of things so these reports are easier to read and all look the same. They will be sent in the Newsletter too.
  1. Report - New gTLDs related to Companies (weekly update);
  2. Some of the top players in finance are changing the Internet as we know it: here is how;
  3. Conflict of interest - Update on .SPORT new gTLD application;
  4. Just added - 3 Trademarks were added to the Photography new gTLD report;
  5. Patent - Card interface for managing domain name projects;
  6. Innovation - Multiple Registry to invest in a geofencing company;
  7. ICANN is sued by a new gTLD applicant (guess who);
  8. Impossible to Appraise New gTLD Domain Names;
  9. Must watch video (until the end if you can): "don't drop it when you want to buy a domain name to a third party";
  10. In French - "des marques comme Intel, Nike, Target et Netflix pourraient perdre leur nouvelle extension Internet";
  11. Reminder: How Financial Services Industry Can Protect Itself Online (Free Webinar);
  12. New gTLD Backend Registry hits 4 million new domain names;
  13. More coming by the end of the day.
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