Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The era of propaganda (new gTLDs)

I just read the article below from Verisign and...no sign of new gTLDs in the article but I don't blame the author: business is business.
Since Verisign is the owner of the profitable .COM Registry, I understand that kind of promotion but what I misunderstand is the reference to SEO when Google announced that it makes no difference to use a new domain name or a ".com".
There is a reference to the frustrating technical experience with new gTLDs too: come on what are talking about here? Same for the "level of security" paragraph ending in: "It may be more prudent to stick with well-known and trusted domain name extensions until more of the new gTLDs are able to prove themselves as safe and reliable": what? (...) I am fine with auto-promotion and I understand Verisign's willing to do the promotion of ".com" at all costs but is it what I read here or is this propaganda?

My advice
  • Buy a new domain name (ie: ending in ".club" - ".gdn" - ".consulting" - ".finance"...) which means something and according to the identity of your online content. New gTLDs offer that possibility, ".com" domains don't.
  • Buy a ".com" domain name because there is a risk to have it cybersquatted.
  • When your baker says is bread is the best on earth, he's lying ;-)
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