Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The new gTLD info for Wednesday, June 22nd

Easter holidays are coming and we are moving to the south of France because we work harder under the sun at that period. Of course, we will publish everyday but expect less information: we have noticed that fewer people work during this period...and this lasts until September. All new gTLD reports will be updated, as well as the new gTLd LinkedIn group.
  1. Article - New gTLDs May be the Wave of the Future;
  2. Is investing in new gTLD companies...a risk?
  3. Ten New gTLD Start-up Plans;
  4. is here but redirects to a ".com";
  5. Domain name registration volumes:
    1. New gTLDs related to SPORT;
    2. New gTLDs related to REAL ESTATE;
    3. New gTLDs related to ALCOHOL.
  6. Five new gTLDs were just delegated:
    1. .ANZ
    2. .ITV
    3. .BLANCO
    4. .SHOPPING
    5. .ABLE
  7. Tires - Bridgestone to use its new domain names:
  8. 1/7 new gTLD domain names are actually just numbers;
  9. ICANN contracting statistics: For the Week Ending: 17 June 2016.
  10. Nameshield Corporate Registrar: Corporate domain name portfolio management
    The Nameshield Group: Registry, Corporate and Retail Registrar

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