Tuesday, August 21, 2018

How do New Domains impact SEO: the report

The report
This is a report from India based multiple registry Radix on how new domains impact SEO. Questions covered are:
  • New domains and SEO - What is the connection between the two?
  • What do the users have to say about the impact of new domains on SEO?
  • What do SEO experts have to say about the impact of new domains on SEO?
  • Is Google using new domains?
  • What are some known facts about new domains and their impact on SEO?
  • What are the best practices for moving from one domain extension to another?
  • Does the age of a domain name matter in SEO?
The report can be downloaded here.

Radix Registry
"Radix" is a multiple registry to have applied for several new domain name extensions such as .TECH - .PRESS - .SITE - .SPACE and .HOST. The full list of the TLDs it applied for is available on its website. It is the third largest new gTLD operator with 2,533,086 domain name registrations (July 2018) for a total of nine extensions.

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