Wednesday, October 5, 2016

China starts to pay interest in legacy .TEL gTLD

China is the new eldorado for Registries and a reason of this is very simple: people from the Republic of China buy more and more domain names. For Registries, this is a market where it is important to have a presence. Recently, many Registries and back-end Registries participated in conferences in China to introduce themselves: the closer to the buyer...the better.
Note that this post is not about what Chinese do with their domain names (use, park, spam, squat, resell) but about the fact that it is important for Registries and Back-ends to sell domain names:
  1. To install them on the market: the more domains the greater visibility;
  2. Profitability: many domains, once bought, are renewed once a year.
At some point in its history, the .TEL Registry had 325,000 registrations. The .TEL registration volumes dropped below 100,000 in July 2016. In August 2016 they reached 96,611 domain name registrations. Then, they suddenly started to increase again progressively and reach the 103,000 registrations.

It appears that a Chinese template was recently created for the concept of .TEL domains and that could be an explanation.

New domain name registration volumes:
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